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Joanne Antoun
Back On Track
Rosemary Pekar
Time To Kick But!
Michele Blood
Be A Magnet To Success
Brian Biro
Beyond Success
Michele Blood, Bob Proctor
Be Your Perfect Weight
Bruce Buguski
Turning Slumps into Streaks
Allan Parker
The Negotiatorís Toolkit
Rennie Gabriel
Wealth On Any Income

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Allan Parker
"The Negotiatorís Toolkit"

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Allan is the CEO and owner of a very successful consulting practice in Australia “Peak Performance”. He is in the top of his field in negotiating for many major companies globally including "Microsoft, SAP, and Exxon/Mobil for example." This book that he wrote especially for M-Power is to assist all ages, families and the business world to learn the art of negotiation. You can contact Allan through his website I highly recommend The Negotiators Toolkit to everyone. It is an amazing book!! Go to the shopping cart now and PLEASE do click to watch Allans interview!!

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Rennie Gabriel
"Wealth On Any Income"
 (Tapes and workbook)

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Rennie Gabriel, Author, Speaker CLU, CFP, UCLA Instructor. Rennie’s many years of helping families learn how to be debt free makes this amazing program, “Wealth on Any Income” a must for anyone who is having financial challenges and for those who do not want to create challenges. Packed with practical simple methods to finally help YOU become debt free and teach you, how to actually save money on any income. Also go directly to Rennies website and find out how to hire Rennie as your financial coach, Watch this amazing expert and then go the the shopping cart today, to help you create "Wealth on Any Income."

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