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Patricia Robertson
911 Jack

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Patricia Robertson
"911 Jack"
 (Self Defense)

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Hi my name is Pat Robertson and I am the inventor of "911 JACK". I am pleased to share the result of asking many questions from law enforcement and security specialists and creating a Self Defense product to help all people worldwide!! With the "911 JACK" you will have the very best Self Defense product available today. Watch the interview now so you can see for yourself what 911 Jack is!!!This interview also has a signer for the hearing impaired, so PLEASE watch me being interviewed by Michele Blood (the interview is FREE to view) now and learn more about this wonderful protective product!! 911JACK is here for you and your loved ones NOW!! This amazing product is only $12.95 for 1 and only $34.95 for a pack of 3. Go to the shopping cart now and protect those you love!! Including YOU!!!

Each $12.95
Pack of 3 $34.95

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