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Kim Sheridan
Animals and the Afterlife

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Kim Sheridan
"Animals and the Afterlife"

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Do animals have souls? What happens when they die? An amazing new book offers some amazing answers… While Kim Sheridan was grieving the deaths of her own beloved pets, mysterious things began to happen which she could not explain. This led her on an incredible journey to uncover the truth. Along with her own extraordinary experiences, she compiled the heartwarming true stories of ordinary people around the world. What she discovered forever convinced her of an afterlife for animals. Today she is a highly respected expert on this subject, and her long-awaited book, Animals and the Afterlife: True Stories of Our Best Friends’ Journey Beyond Death, presents compelling evidence of an afterlife for animals. Her work provides tremendous comfort to anyone who has ever loved an animal. Watch this wonderful lady NOW talk about this amazing book and please go the the shopping cart at anytime to purchase this heartwarming book (NOTE: 3 weeks waiting time for this book) Also see Kims web

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