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Robert Kiyosaki
"Rich Dad Poor Dad"

Product Description: More...
Robert Kiyosaki, has been running his amazing seminars all over the world for over twenty years and has helped hundreds of thousands of people learn about money.  Many have become wealthy from studying this great man's work.  In Rich Dad Poor Dad, we learn about money through Roberts own life story, and find out what a true asset is as opposed to a liability. A must read!

cost: $15.95    

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Michele Blood
"Songs for Success"

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Use The Law Of Attraction with a world's first, 10 magnificent MusiVation™ pop songs written by Star of "The Secret" Bob Proctor, Michele Blood and J. Beatty with positive messages that will go instantly into your subconscious mind. List of Songs: Success, Greet This Day, Persistence, Risk, Magnet To Money, Carry Me Away, Communication, Synergy, You Can Do It, No Limitations. Play this over and over and watch you mind return to its pure state of positivity and POWER. Exercise To It, Dance, Sing Along, your whole life will be brighter and definitely more successful.

CD $14.95

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Michele Blood & Lawrence T. Bond
"Deeper Metaphysics"
 (3 CD program)

Product Description: More...
Yes, we can be rich, healthy and happy. It is deep and yet all so beautiful and simple! It's not even about abilities or talent. Many talented people with fantastic abilities are often broke. Becoming successful and truly fulfilled is understanding Deeper Metaphysics. This program will help you find the joy and awareness to be on purpose with your life.

3 CD Program $29.95

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Rock Riddle & Michele Blood
"Be a Magnet to Hollywood Success"
 (3 DVDs, 3 CD Bonus )

Product Description: More...
Ask yourself a question. Do you want.... I mean REALLY want to know how to create your own reality, and be a success in the TV and Movie world ?? If you want to know "How To Become a Magnet To Hollywood Success" today get what is being hailed as "THE Holy Grail For Actors" who are serious about having their dreams and career take flight!! THE No-nonsense Way to Get the Results You Want to succeed in the wonderful world of entertainment WORLDWIDE Based on Proven results. Give yourself the gift you long to have: The ability to be, do, or have whatever you can imagine.This is the complete Entertainment Industry Success System. Everything you need to know to achieve world-wide success in the film and television industry. The Hollywood Success Package contains: 3 DVD's featuring, The World Premier Hollywood Success Live Event. The Laughing Meditation CD. Have Fun! Laugh your way to success! Since we're shortening the journey to success for you, we want you to really enjoy the journey! A Powerful Guided Visualization CD Specifically recorded by Michele and Rock to help you see and attract your success! The Hollywood Success Workbook, over 80 pages of amazing 'inside information' guaranteed to speed you on your way to Hollywood Success! A 1-year subscription to Hollywood Success Cyber Magazine. Discount Certificates to Attend Live Events with Rock and Michele.

link $95.99

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